ISIS Teen Derm Serum is a treatment for acne and blackheads as it is ideal for gentle exfoliation of the skin and removes excess sebum as it works as an anti-inflammatory and thanks to its combination of 5 active ingredients such as glucono delta lactone, glycolic acid, zinc, salicylic acid and avocado works to exfoliate the skin and remove excess fat and regulate secretion Fats also contain anti-inflammatory

ISIS Teen Derm Serum is fast absorbing thanks to its non-greasy texture, it does not leave any accumulated greasy effects on the skin and does not cause any inflammations, redness, sensitivity or irritation to the skin as it softens the texture of the skin and makes it smoother and shinier thanks to its moisturizing ingredients as it was tested on 21 volunteers and its results were revealed. Effectively and efficiently during 28 days, they noticed the skin’s radiance and hydration

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